The upholstery at home and car is precious, it’s been a great investment, and people have appreciated you for having such stunning sense of aesthetics. The upholstered furniture adds a welcoming note, which even you cannot deny. Your choice of interiors definitely define your personal style. In order to maintain the appearance and texture of upholstery, time to time cleaning becomes important. Regular wear and tear, is a common scene you will find with upholstered furniture, in every household.

With A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning you can expect to return home with the upholstery in place, cleansed and beautiful. We have specialists in the Redlands and Cleveland areas to take care of the fabric and use cleansing agents that are meant to make the upholstery look fresh and beautiful. These cleaning agents go deep down each fibre and cleanse them for a crispy look. Our advanced methods are meant to handle different types of fabric. Firstly, our team of experts determine the fabric before executing the process. Such methodical approach helps execute whatever is best suited for the fibres.

Stain Removal: Our experts are skilled in conducting different types of upholstery cleaning methods and ensure that not a single stain or spot goes unattended. However difficult or aged the spot may be, we have got the right tools and cleaning formulae to take care of your needs.
Dust Mite removal: Did you know you can incur fatal ailments like asthma, hay fever and several allergic reactions with dust mites inhabiting the upholstered part of your furniture? Your well-being is important to us, and so we seek effective measures to eliminate dust mites from the upholstery.

Water staining: water damage can happen with an accidental spill or an ongoing leakage of water. Our technicians, advice on effective cleaning procedures and even take up the job of removing the stains.