Tiles tend to be smooth and shiny, the surface is subject to regular abrasions causing micro dents and cracks where dirt and germs collect. The situation turns worse in just a few days. It makes the floor appear unpleasant. Even regular mopping is not enough to get rid of such dirt. It has been found that modern tiles are even worse to take care of. They come with textures that make them difficult to clean. Simple mopping isn’t enough to leave the surface spotless and sanitized.

On the other hand, it’s the grout that adds to the uncleanliness. Grout which is generally lime based absorbs the following:

  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Moisture
  • Dirt

All of these can boost bacterial infestation to a great level. Such porous surfaces require professional cleaning to stay spotless and beautiful. Over time as dirt and grime accumulate the grout turns dark and ugly, reducing the appeal of the room. In order to control the situation, you can ask A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning. We take care of the overall appeal of the floor with high end techniques and effective cleansing agents. Other flooring may be engineered with brick or Italian quarry-tile, prone to absorbing unhealthy elements. We have scrubbing specialists who will go deep to clear up the grime which collect along the grout lines.

A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning offer intense tile and grout cleaning services for restaurants, food halls, leisure areas and rest rooms in Redlands, Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs. Detergents, nail brushes and various other tools and cleaning agents are used for effective tile and grout cleaning.

We combine heat, pressure, and emulsification and vacuum in order to clean the grout lines inside and out. Our cleaning approach is also effective for non-slippery safety flooring. Even if you have chosen stone tiles for your home, we are ready to help.