The rugs and mattresses lend an accent of beauty and comfort. Needless to say these accessories speak about your sense of style. In order to safeguard such beautiful possessions, our experts at A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning ensure that even if your rugs and mattresses are soiled or stained, we will put away the dirt and pollutants that find a place in the fibres of the product. Starting from elimination of pollutants and germs to restoring the beauty of rugs and mattresses, we give our 100% to serve you with cutting edge cleaning solutions.

Look at our cleaning jobs, we are really good at handling rugs. See how:

Special rug cleaning: We deploy tools, equipment and cleaning agents with an aim to clean rugs. We understand how you treasure your Persian, Native American or Chinese rugs. Those must be really special. The weaving technique and fabric used for these special rugs are different and hence require specific treatments to keep the product, luxurious and stylish for long. We promise you clearer colour and odour-free rugs. Once they have undergone our rigorous treatment, you know you are going to welcome home something as good as new.

Dust Mite removal: Rugs too like carpets, attract pollutants and allergens and dust mites are commonly found in rugs. In order to deal with unclean and dust mite infested rugs, our experts lend extra effort guaranteeing 100% elimination of pollutants, germs and allergens.

The bedroom being the most precious zone of your house needs to be sanitized and maintained. In order to ensure that you and your family members are able to get quality sleep amidst hygienic environment, we send our engineers for effective mattress cleaning. Since mattresses undergo regular wear and tear and collect dust and dirt with time, it is important to keep the item as clean as possible. Our professional services that we offer in Redlands, Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs are aimed at removing all kinds of germs, stains and spots from the mattresses.