Your carpet can be a normal or imported product. What is more important is whether you take the effort or time to maintain it. If you do not have time to delve into the matter and removing tough stains and spills seem like a far-cry to you, call up A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning – the professionals in Redlands, Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs  to save you from the mammoth task.

When it comes to cleaning carpets for your home or workplace, we take extra measures so that the product remains as fresh and new. From eliminating the stubborn stains to deodorising the carpet, our professionals will execute the process with efficiency. We understand that a carpet is a big investment and to keep it clean and beautiful is even more important. To save you from the embarrassment where guests may blame you for an uncared for and an untidy carpet, our professionals take charge.

Our carpet cleaning or maintenance regime is simple yet extraordinary. All, we know is to keep away dust and dirt particles that settle on the fibres leaving an unclean and stained look. Also, these particles tend to be abrasive, taking toll on the fibres. To prevent discoloration our experts seek cleaning methods which entail use of chemicals, harsh on germs and stains, mild on the fabric.

Elimination of stain

It’s true that when it comes to removing stains you have to give extra efforts. A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning goes all out to remove stubborn and hard to handle stains from your carpet. We can very well carry out our expertise in removing spots and stains from the carpet.

Elimination of dust mite

You may not be aware of the fact that dust comprise mites and germs. In order to ensure that you enjoy greater quality of air indoors, we offer carpet cleaning services that will leave your living or work environment clean and sanitized.

Water Staining

This may seem surprising, but water leakage can leave ugly stains on your carpet. To get water stains removed we have trained experts who will seek appropriate measure to make your carpet look lovelier than before.


A1 Carpet and Tile Cleaning is an expert in removing stains and dirt from carpets, but little do you know that the company has experts who deodorise the carpet after removing the contaminants and dirt from it. In order to remove the odour that lingers on the carpet, our professionals seek the safest and fastest sanitising and deodorising method, neutralising any trace of odour.